Starboard IQFoil OL Pakke

Starboard IQFoil OL pakken er den komplette pakken som er valgt som utstyr for windsurfing i OL 2024. Det blir begrenset tilgang på utstyr på de første leveringene så meld interesse så fort som mulig. Vi vil prioritere levering til aktive/regatta seilere i begynnelsen.

Dette er en pakke som er satt sammen av følgende utstyr;

* Starboard IFoil 95 Reflex Carbon (herre og dame)

* Starboard IFoil Travel bag (herre og dame)

* Drake Race Finne 68cm (herre)

* Drake Race Finne 66cm (dame)

* Starboard Race Plus foil OL Pakke

* Severne Hyperglide Olympic 9.0 (herre)

* Severne Hyperglide Olympic 8.0 (dame)

* Severne Apex 530 mast (herre)

* Severne Apex 490 mast (dame)

* Severne Enigma 210-250 bom (herre og dame)

* Severne SDM 36cm forlenger (herre og dame)

* Severne mastefot (herre og dame)

* Severne Rig bag (herre og dame)

Her litt  mer info om hvordan Starboard IFoil ble valgt til OL utstyr for 2024.

Foiling is about to revolutionize our sport and the last piece of the puzzle was to get windfoiling as the official Olympic windsurfing platform for the future. It's now done as the Starboard iFoil will be the official equipment for men and women's windsurfer!

Following World Sailing's working party recommendation after the sea trials done in Torbole, Italy, World Sailing's Council confirmed the list of Events and Equipment for the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition. The 15 year old RS:X class will officially be replaced by a windfoil class, the iFoil, for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The Council approved the selection of the iFoil after 31 members voted in favour with eight against and two abstentions. This decision has then been ratified by the World Sailing's Annual General Meeting on November 3rd.

Getting windfoiling at the Olympics is great news for windsurfing, as it will allow a new future to be built for our sport after 20 years of steady decline.

The sea trials

The recommendation to choose foiling as the standard windsurfing discipline for the 2024 Paris Olympic sounds logical, especially as so many people were ready for the change, but as often in times of change, it has not been easy to achieve.

In May 2019, the board of World Sailing had actually given the recommendation to retain the RS:X as the Olympic class. This decision was fortunately reversed by the World Sailing Council, after a strong protest by many athletes among which the reigning double Olympic champion Dorian van Rijsseberghe. World Sailing decided to organize sea trials to test and evaluate the different equipment options proposed.

In September 2019, the “Working Party” of World Sailing evaluated 2 non-foiling equipment options the RS:X and the Glide and 3 foiling options. The foiling options were:

The one-design iFoil from Starboard / Severne

The Windfoil1 concept with one-design board from multiple brands with registered series production rig and foil.

The Formula Foil

The iFoil and Windfoil 1 projects were the clear favourites of these sea trials.

Many sailors and people in the windsurfing industry, like the 2019 world champion Antoine Albeau, are supporting the Windfoil1 platform, because it’s an innovative partnership between several brands and the distribution model through shops offers better sponsorship opportunities for the riders.

However, the iFoil project has been preferred by world sailing experts and here are the reasons for their choice:

An affordable package option

Competition in different formats from 5 knots to 35 knots

Easy transport to competitions and training venues

Proven quality products and supply chain management

Support for emerging nations

Equipment that will reward skill and tactical knowledge

Youth appeal and complement to the existing pathways

Supports a unique signature event that will attract media coverage with the possibility of dynamic formats and short competition timelines

Impressive sustainability program in place today and a future commitment to our oceans.

The Windfoil1 and iFoil projects have the same foil board (the iFoil, developed by Starboard) in their tender, but the iFoil project was probably preferred because of the kit itself, with only 1 sail as opposed to 2 sails for windfoil1, and a regular fin which makes the board convertible if the wind would be too strong for foiling. It makes the total cost of the equipment relatively cheaper.

Description of Starboard iFoil

The Starboard iFoil offers One Design equipment where most components are the same for both genders.

The proposed equipment presents different rig size, (sail and mast) for different genders.

The equipment was developed to accommodate men from 65kg to 85kg and women from 55kg to 70kg.

The board is lighter and more compact than the current Olympic equipment. All the equipment fits in two bags that can be brought to regattas or training venues as passenger’s excess baggage.

At an event a sailor will register: - one Board, - one Foil, one Fin, one Sail (Severne Hyperglide 2. Women = 8m2, Men = 9m2), one Mast, one Boom.

The foil package is composed of one foil mast, two fuselages, one front and rear wings.

The Starboard Race (900 front wing men and 800 front wing youth/women) is the selected foil for the iFoil package. It is supplied with an additional 95cm fuselage so that it can be de-powered for added control in strong winds and for improved reaching, top speed or long-distance performance.

The two fuselage lengths are used to accommodate a wider range of physiques in a wider range of wind and sea state conditions. The option to replace the foil with a fin offers an alternative for extreme sailing conditions.

Although the Starboard iFoil offers high performance equipment, the setup is easy. The focus of the concept is on the performance and tactical skills of the athlete rather than on technical equipment development or intense tuning.

Starboard equipment is distributed worldwide to the market through Starboard’s sales network of 75 distribution partners. The distributors sell to the sailors and windsurfing associations directly from the distributor or via retail shops. Where no distributors exist, factory direct sales are accommodated.


Windfoiling at the Olympics is now officially confirmed. The rise of foiling is continuing and now becomes a new Olympic discipline. This will enable to get great exposure for new younger crowds, and recruit more people into the sport.

Windsurfing is not dead!

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