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Roberto Ricci Designs

Roberto Ricci designs ble startet av Roberto Ricci for 20 år siden. Det har vært en spennede reise som har vært med på å forme vannsport markedet innenfor de kategorier RRD er representert. Med sitt fantastiske design og bruk av farger er RRD produkter lett å kjenne igjen over hele verden. Roberto er selv en karismatisk og dedikert brettseiler, kiter og surfer, han tilbringer hver vinter i sør afrika og tester utstyr. Vi er stolte over å representere RRD i Norge.

RRD Oppblåsbar AIR Beluga Pro Wingfoil Pakke

Roberto Ricci Designs

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    RRD Air Beluga Pro Y27

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    Nye Air Beluga Pro er virkelig et imponerende brett som føles som et performance kompositt brett, men gir deg godene og fleksibiliten av et oppblåsbart brett. Med brettet følger det 3 fotstropper, double action pumpe og en fantastisk bagg som har plass til masse utstyr. Ryggsekken har også trillehjul og har plass til både brett, pumpe, foil, to vinger og småstæsj som våtdrakt og leash! Air Beluga Pro kommer i syv størrelser fra 60 liter opp til 125 liter. 

    The Air Beluga Pro is a gem for wingfoil lovers – a look ahead into the future. The super-light and rigid carbon plate on the bottom, when used on small board sizes, allows to achieve extraordinary performances for speeding, carving and jumping. With seven sizes for all experienced riders, there is a board every 10 litres from 60- 125 litres. Short, light and portable in a compact bag. What more are you looking for? The Air Beluga Pro is supplied with a double-action compressor, 3 ultralight straps and a comfortable padded backpack that has room for your board, foil, wing and accessories to go in the water.


    • Trapezoidal outline carbon plate to increase stiffness under your front foot
    • Carbon plate using a CNC hi-density PVC foam core and 1200 gr of 3k prepreg carbon fibers
    • Ultimate inflatable technology with PVC fabrics on top and bottom and light dropstich body
    • Carry handle on top for easy handling and transport
    • 3 footstraps inserts for ideal feet positioning
    • Double action pump for fast inflation
    • Compact carry bag for transportability


    We have developed a whole new concept to facilitate the portability of equipment. The mission is to make this new sport accessible to as many people as possible. A small pro bag that can be easily checked in as luggage (avoids excess baggage) when travelling by plane, it fits in the trunk of any car, and, for the more sportive riders, it’s even portable by motorbike or bicycle! Inside the bag you can fit: an inflatable board, a complete hydrofoil with wings, mast and fuselage, two wings, a wetsuit, a leash, and a universal pump developed to inflate both the wing and the board.





    AIR BELUGA PRO 60 Y27 134x54x10,5 60 LTS 27ABLGP60
    AIR BELUGA PRO 70 Y27 140x60x10,5 70 LTS 27ABLGP70
    AIR BELUGA PRO 80 Y27 146x68x10,5 80 LTS 27ABLGP80
    AIR BELUGA PRO 90 Y27 150x72x10,5 90 LTS 27ABLGP90
    AIR BELUGA PRO 100 Y27 150x72x12,5 100 LTS 27ABLGP100
    AIR BELUGA PRO 115 Y27 152x75x12,5 110 LTS 27ABLGP115
    AIR BELUGA PRO 125 Y27 160x76x12,5 125 LTS 27ABLGP125

    RRD EVO Wing Y26

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    Get ready for the EVOlution! You can finally get your hands on this new jewel. The Evo Wing has all the features that you simply will not be able to do without.

    A magical freeride / freestyle wing for all levels from novice to expert. Our World Cup riders appreciate it for its incredible maneuverability, stable power, speed, acceleration and precision. Novice riders will get addicted instantly for its incredible accessibility and lightness. The Evo Wing is completely functional and purposefully designed to provide you with an overall experience. 2 color combinations, orange and grey and specific sizes to cover more various needs and suit any conditions.
    The new long and wide handles will make you fall in love with the ease of use in maneuvers. Weve separated the leading edge and strut bodies using a double inflate system which is 2 times quicker to deflate/inflate and optimizes the stiffness of the whole body. The arrow outline of the EVO cuts the wind in pace, allowing a faster and better cross and upwind ride and with the new large windows you will have ample visibility.
    The new EVO WING takes you to a new dimension of riding.



    A specific and innovative outline shape that will make you enjoy the way it drives you. The innovative arrow shaped outline has very effective aerodynamics and stiffness to enhance your stability and improve your speed.


    We have rethought and simplified the whole leading edge design. The new Evo structure has fewer panels to lighten the weight and seams well positioned in most stressed points. The result is 200 grams less weight and a solid efficient feel in your hands.


    The central strut shape is designed to widen the distance between the strut and canopy. More leverage improves the overall performance of the wing.


    3 semi rigid long handles positioned on the central strut for better and easier maneuverability. A unique and comfortable feel, the long handles are ideal to ease your learning process at all levels of riding.


    You get a better and quicker system to inflate and deflate your wing. We have optimized the stiffness of the whole body by separating the leading edge and strut. The double valve inflating system allows to inflate at a different PSI the leading edge and central strut to obtain an extraordinary feel once riding it.


    2 wide windows to have an overall view and control of whos around you.

    RRD Dynamic SW Alu 1400 Foil Set Y26

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    The DYNAMIC SW ALU SET is the result of a full year of work, research & test. This foil consolidates everything we were looking for: early lift, speed and ease of use. It is ideal for wingfoiling, sup/surf and downwinders.
    We have worked on all components to obtain a product that provides outstanding efficiency, glide and reliability. You get a new 30% stiffer and lighter Universal Alu 85 mast with new profile and an integrated plate. A lighter fuselage with a large head withstands the pressure given by the wings during transitions and jumps. The new high aspect / full carbon Dynamic front wing is able to match performance and accessibility for truly all levels of riders. There is no disguising on this foil set.

    The Dynamic SW alu 1400 is simply a step forward in performance. With this foil set you get more speed to allow you to push your own level further. Glide faster, apply more pressure and draw sharper curves even in smaller surf. For wingfoiling it is ideal for a more consistent wind range, but it still has an exceptionally early take off for riders who have a good pumping tecnique. Combined with the new Universal K 262 rear wing this set up allows you to accelerate and jump high. Excellent for skilled freestylers and extremely enjoyable to ride waves. For surf foiling it is fast and super responsive for small and medium wave size.

    Recommended for riders between 60-80 kg with intermediate to advanced level.


    • New 1400cm2 moderate/high aspect full carbon Dynamic front wing
    • New 262 cm2 Universal hybrid carbon K rear wing
    • New 30% stiffer and lighter aluminium mast with integrated plate
    • New redesigned 76 cm light Universal fuselage
    • Solid connection using 8 mm diameter Torx screws and helicoil threads for mast, fuselage and wings. A reliable, strong and quick to assemble/disassemble connection
    • New wider Hi density plastic mast foot connector/adaptor for improved lateral stiffness. No oxidation between mast and fuselage
    • Each component comes with an EVA Cover with Velcro to fasten it inside the bag (foil set bag supplied separately).

    RRD Waist Leash

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    Waist leash er veldig praktisk og effektivt for wingfoiling da leash ikke kommer i veien når man beveger seg på brettet.